Are You a Candidate for Dental Veneers?

Are You a Candidate for Dental Veneers? from Daniel Dentistry in Miami, FLGetting dental veneers can improve your smile. These thin shells can also protect the treated teeth. Your dentist can determine if you can have this treatment. Here are the details to see if you are a candidate for dental veneers.

There is enough enamel

The enamel can thin out because of sweet and acidic foods and drinks. Hard brushing can also thin out the enamel. Dental veneers need to attach to the front surface of teeth. The dentist will need to shave off a thin layer of enamel. The patient must have enough enamel so that the tooth will not hurt.

There is a slight misalignment

A patient can choose dental veneers if there is a slight crookedness in the teeth. These thin shells are enough to make the teeth appear straight. The dentist will not recommend veneers for severe dental misalignment because the shells will just pop off when the patient bites or chews. Traditional braces will be the ideal treatment for this case.

There is heavy staining

Sometimes, dental staining goes deep inside the tooth. Because of this, regular teeth whitening treatments become ineffective. The dentist will suggest dental veneers to cover up the dark stains and restore the whiteness of teeth. Stains left by nicotine, red wine, dark sauces, and coffee can disappear.

There are minor imperfections

Minor cosmetic imperfections can cause significant problems later. Living with these minor issues can cause a person to stop smiling. Dental veneers can repair minor chipping and hairline fractures. They can also correct the shape of teeth and make them look even. Regaining one’s smile is easy with veneers. The results will last long with proper care and maintenance.

There are no bad dental habits

Bad dental habits, such as biting nails or chewing on objects, can damage dental veneers. Getting these thin shells means that the person must know how to maintain them. An individual who does not have these bad habits can have veneers for a long time without always returning to the dentist to repair them.

Good teeth and gum health

The dentist will need to treat gum and teeth problems before getting dental veneers. The thin shells cannot correct cavities and infections. Treating these problems will prevent more cavities and infections while the veneers are on. Maintaining good oral hygiene can help maintain good oral health. Seeing the dentist for regular dental checks can help maintain good teeth and gum health as well. Remember that poor oral health will cause dental veneers to fail.

There is no bruxism

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can chip or fracture the thin porcelain shells. These activities can also loosen or remove the bonding of the veneer attachment. The dentist will need to restore the teeth before placing the veneers. The teeth must be healthy enough to stabilize the dental veneers.

Controlling bruxism can reduce the damage to the thin shells. There are medications that can help control the anxiety that triggers this condition. Wearing a nightguard is also important. The dentist can help create a custom nightguard for the patient.

Factors that may affect one’s eligibility for veneers

An individual’s previous dental restorations may affect how the veneers perform. Research shows that it is common to place dental veneers over dental implants. But if this is the case, replacing the old dental crown would be better. Placing the shells over crowns can be difficult because the bond may not be that strong.

One cannot replace a missing tooth with veneers. There has to be an existing tooth for veneers to work. Bonding and fillings can hold dental veneers well. The dentist can help figure out which restoration can work for the patient.

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Finding out that you are a candidate for dental veneers can help you prepare for your treatment

Your dentist will assess your teeth and gums first. Then, you will find out if you are a good candidate for dental veneers. Treating dental issues will come first before placing the veneers. Working with your dentist can make your dental restoration experience pleasant.

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